In a recent tweet about immigration, our President stated that those who do not agree to his preferred measures aimed at controlling illegal immigration become, by their disagreement, complicit in any future murders committed by illegal immigrants.

There are certainly many grounds upon which to disagree with that claim, but an intriguing alternative response might be to take it at face value.  For if the logic is valid – that taking a position on a political issue makes one morally complicit in any negative instances that might possibly occur relative to that position (regardless of the balancing positive effects) – then the following is also and equally true.

All those who advocate for gun ownership, gun rights, in fact the enter Second Amendment debate, are complicit in every murder or wounding committed with a legally-owned firearm.

And yes, Virginia, that is a far larger number, every year, than the number of murders committed by illegal immigrants.

But we will not hear that from our President,






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