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DJT Flag Phone Shot Cropped

DJT FLAG SHOT, Pastels, spray paint and Sharpie on paper,  26.5″ x 13.25″,  Robin Andrew, 2019

Just as various religious scenes have been painted and sculpted repeatedly over the centuries, so the idea of our flag has become a vehicle for exploring meaning and expressing emotions.


Marginal Mainstream FINAL

MAINSTREAM/MARGINAL, Digital Image, Robin Andrew 2019

Inspired by a comment on an NPR talk show, that the proper issue with dangerous and damnable ideologies is not how to eliminate them (which is really not possible, and the effort often self-defeating), but how to prevent such evils that normally exist only at the very margins of society from becoming mainstream and accepted.





Digital Image, Robin Andrew, 2019

A World War II marking on a building in London serves as background for an idea which is much easier to believe in and defend when it is narrowly construed.