“Stronger and More Powerful”

From his country club in New Jersey in August 2017, our President stated that, as a result of his “first order as president” the nation’s nuclear arsenal has been renovated and modernized and is now “stronger and more powerful than ever before…” As reported by many, the review of nuclear posture which he ordered was nowhere near his first order and had no effect on the renovation, modernization or strength of nuclear capability, it is just a review (though, of course, it may lead to some action in future, which when and if worked out in full detail, approved, funded and executed, might someday affect the capability, in some as yet undemonstrated way).

As so many times before and since, the strong and powerful message of our leader’s words is that they are meaningless, except in the damage they do to his and our nation’s credibility, and what they tell us about his character .

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